What is NetSafe

NetSafe, the latest technology offering from HDFC Bank, is a unique service which makes online shopping completely secure. With NetSafe you create a virtual card (NetSafe Card) from your HDFC Bank Visa Credit / Debit Card or Mastercard Credit/Debit Card number that provides you with complete security while shopping online.

The key benefits of NetSafe are as follows:

1. Your HDFC Bank credit / debit card number is never used on the merchant website.

2. The NetSafe card you create is a one time use card.

3. You can set your own limit for the NetSafe cards you generate.

4. You can use it on any merchant website that accepts VISA/Mastercard cards

5. All purchases you make with NetSafe Cards will appear on your statement, just like any other transaction.

NetSafe offers a unique security feature, wherein your credit/debit card number is never revealed on the Internet. Instead, you generate a virtual card number, drawing funds from either your credit or debit card account [for debit card, you can generate upto 5 virtual cards daily subject to your Point of Sale(POS) limit per day, provided there is available balance in your savings/current account and for your credit card upto available credit limit]. You can then use this virtual card number at any online merchant site and complete your shopping with security and ease.

As an added safety feature, the virtual card number is valid only upto the expiry date of the virtual card. And, the limit of the card is the amount as chosen by you.

Registration for NetSafe is a onetime process after which you can generate NetSafe Cards anytime, anywhere. So, go ahead and enjoy a safe online shopping experience with NetSafe !

What is NetSafe Card?

The NetSafe Card is a virtual card that is generated through the NetSafe offering and can be used for shopping on the Internet. The NetSafe Card can be generated by logging onto the HDFC Bank website and can be used at any online shopping website that accepts VISA/Mastercard cards. Every NetSafe Card can be used for a single transaction only.
Any unused amount from the NetSafe Card will be credited back to your credit/debit card account.The risk exposure on the NetSafe Card is limited to your self-chosen limit. To avoid any exposure, it is safe to generate the NetSafe Card for the value of your purchase and use the card immediately at your chosen shopping website.

Netsafe Card is for on-line transaction payments; do not disclose Netsafe Card details to merchants over mail/phone for manual authorisation.